• We Listen To Our Clients
    We Understand Their Business
    We Provide Measured Results

    Since 1990 John McSoley and Peter McCoy have brought
    Vermont businesses to life with sound accounting principles.

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  • Dedication And Commitment

    I have worked half of my life at MMC and would not change it for the world. I have been very fortunate to find a job that I love in such a friendly environment. If someone told me that my first job would be my only one, I would have never believed them. McSoley McCoy and Co. has fulfilled all of my employment expectations.

About McSoley McCoy & Co.

Vermont Accounting Firm McSoley McCoy & Co.’s overriding commitment to quality accounting has made it one of the region’s premiere accounting firms. We, like many of our clients, are entrepreneurs and operate with minimal bureaucracy. We maintain a clear approach on audit, accounting, and tax services.

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To meet the challenges of today's economy, businesses, individuals and not-for-profit organizations need a Vermont accounting firm who puts their interests first.

Vermont accounting firm McSoley McCoy & Co. helps clients meet their financial goals while providing superior accounting services. We maintain the highest professional and ethical standards in audits, accounting, tax, and advisory services.

Our employees are disciplined and focused professionals who measure success by client satisfaction and fulfillment of professional responsibility. Our Vermont accounting firm has a three-to-one staff-to-partner ratio, which ensures access to partners for both clients and staff. By working together as a team, we guarantee that our accounting and audit services are performed efficiently and affordably.

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